Best Beard Balm 2017 – Review of TOP 10 beard balm brands

Beards are a sign of masculinity and women love men whose breads are well groomed and maintained. However, no one likes wiry and rough beards and you can fix this problem by applying the best beard balm in the market.

I understand that it can be tricky to find the best product for your beard. You have to understand that your beard is as individual as you care. Therefore, what works for you may not work for another person.

The only way you can find the best beard balm is by trying out on the top rated products by the leading brands. This article presents a list of top ten beard balms from our professional reviewers. 

Best Beard Balms 2017

Best Beard Balms 2017

While choosing the best beard balms there are quite few things to consider. Apart from styling and conditioning your beard you also must consider how well it suits with your skin, also need to check the ingredients to see whether they are natural or not. Because a good organic and natural beard would be a great product that you’re looking.

Also, a good beard balm receives many positive reviews from the previous buyers.

Honestly you should start by looking at the quality of beard balm when look for buying the best beard balm. we have compiled a list of 10 best beard balms ito help you to pick the best one .

1. Beard Bolt XL - Facial Hair Growth & Stimulating Beard Balm plus Premium Leave-In Conditioner

This is among the best beard growth stimulants you can find in the market. It has top essential oils that ensure maximum growth and volume of beards. This beard growth stimulant can enhance and style your beards simultaneously.

It is very effective when it comes to strengthening your beards while minimising itching. It is a stress free formula that is also ideal for moustaches.

You can enjoy all the benefits of this unique formulation by rubbing just a small amount of it in your beard. This is a mess-free and lightweight formulae and that’s why it’s good for mustaches too.

The conditioner has a sheer butter smell and you will get impressed on how it will make your beards and skin smooth.

The formulae may appear like candle wax once you open it but you will discover that it’s very normal once you push it.

The only thing you notice is the amazing smell after making the application. The product is very good when it comes to boosting the growth of your beards.

Facial Hair Growth Stimulating Beard Balm

It is a beard conditioner that really lives up to its name. The ingredients in this product are natural which renders it safe to your beards and skin.

The price is pocket friendly owing to the fact that this is a highly effective beard conditioner.

Things We Liked

  • Mess-free
  • Light weight
  • Good for mustaches too

Things We didn't Like

  • Little Expensive

2. GBS Top Shelf Bourbon & Bay Rum Beard Balm

This is hand poured balm that contains all natural ingredients. It plays a critical role when it comes to conditioning your beards and mustache. The product deeply conditions and protects your manly mane.

One Advantage of this formula is that it makes use of the finest butters and oil that is used in all products from G.B.S. it is an amazing balm that helps in taming your beards while reducing the unruly hairs and pesky flyaway as it deeply conditions and protects your manly mane.

GBS Top Shelf Bourbon & Bay Rum Beard Balm Dual Pack

The product is good when it comes to moisturising and conditioning your beards. The natural ingredients ensure that it is harmless to your skin and beards.

Some of the ingredients in beard conditioner include Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Almond Oil, Oil Sweet, Oil Jojoba, Apricot Oil, Oil Pure, Tea Tree, Shear Butter Bees Wax and Coconut oil among other essential oils.

You just have to scrap out the desired amount using the back section of your thumb nail. You can then dissolve the balm by rubbing it between your hands. The third step is to use your fingers and palm to apply the balm to your beards.

Things We Liked

  • Deeply conditions and protects your manly mane
  • Beard and mustache conditioner
  • Helps in taming your beards
  • All natural ingredients
  • Hand poured

Things We didn't Like

  • TOO perfumey

3. Hamilton Jackson Beard Balm Kit -  Real Horn Natural Organic Beard Balm

This is a very good conditioner that improves the quality of your beards. It helps in softening and strengthening your beards by making use of high quality natural ingredients.

You will agree to the fact that natural organic handcrafted products are the best for your beards. This beard conditioner delivers the vitamins and nutrients that promote growth by deeply nourishing your facial hair.

The formulae helps to condition and moisturize the underneath skin to prevent itching and inflammation of beards. It provides an alluring smell, style, shape and generally gives your mustache and beards an awesome look.

3 Beard Balm Kit Natural Organic Conditioning Oils. Moustache Horn Folding Comb

You will get this formulae gift boxed with a Bull Horn Pocket Comb that is Hand Carved thus giving you more value for your money.

This formula is the best choice for your hair and beard. It facilitates untangling and does not cling to the surface like plastic does. The horn comb glides through your hair very well without making it weak.

Some of the ingredients you will find in this product include Natural Fragrance of Essential Oil, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Sunflower Oil, Shea Butter and Beeswax.

To apply this product, simply use your thumb nail to scrap out a small amount of the moustache balm.

Rub it between the finger tips to warm up the substance and apply to the moustache for the desired style. It’s advisable to go through the labels on the product before use.

Things We Liked

  • 100 percent natural ingredients
  • Manages unruly hair and reduces itching
  • Has a great smell
  • Conditions follicles and moisturizes the skin
  • Can also use it as an oil based cologne
  • Perfect for all kind of skins and wont clog pores
  • Comes in 3 different scents

Things We didn't Like

  • small containers

4. Scotch Porter - All Natural Men's Beard Balm

Scotch Porter is the best product if you intent to grow the best beard you have ever had. This product comes up with a perfect combination of all-natural ingredients that can assist you to grow the best beards in your life.

It is the ideal choice when it comes to stopping the itch as too much scratching can cause an infection or rashes. Therefore, there is no need to damage that beard nirvana that you have been working for months when you have a perfect solution with you.

This moisturising formulae conditions the underneath skin and hair fibres to stop any form of itching.

The product presents a botanically infused proprietary blend that has 100 percent natural ingredients.

Scotch porter will smooth your skin and repel dandruffs to give you the best look all day.

Scotch Porter - All Natural Men's Beard Balm

Some of these components include silk protein, agave nectar, aloe Vera, coconut oil, shear butter, nettle leaf, slippery elm bark, and the marsh marrow root among others.

The product is excellent when it comes to smoothening and softening unruly hair. The product goes to work with immediate effect to tame and rescue wild and unruly hairs for a beard that is thick and soft.

You can use the beard serum, beard balm, beard conditioner, and beards wash from scotch for full and thick beards.

The products have no artificial coloring, parabens, ingredients or dyes.It remains to be a top product when it comes to conditioning and moisturizing your beards

Things We Liked

  • All-natural ingredients with no harsh chemicals
  • Stops itching
  • Smooths and softens unruly hair

Things We didn't Like

  • Not suited for people sensitive to fragrances

5. Honest Amish - Organic Beard Balm

Honest Amish Beard Balm falls among the most trusted brands for beards in the world. It conditions the underneath skin, relieves itching and softens your beards.

The main advantage of honest amish beard balm when compared it with other beard balms is that it is made with all natural and organic components.

Some of these natural ingredients include Apricot Kernel Oils, Virgin Pumpkin Seed, Almond, Avocado, and Virgin Argon among other proprietary blends of hair strengthening botanical.

Honest amish beard balm fully crafted with nut and fruit butters such as Kokum, Cocoa, Aloe and Shea and hears enhancing oils.

It helps to repair, condition, and soften dry splitting hairs and provides nourishment for new growth.

It has no colorants, no fake fragrances, no man made preservatives, and no chemicals.

Honest Amish Beard Balm - New Large 4 Oz Twist Tin

This balm provides very good conditioning to the skin and stops any itching that result from wild rogue hairs and new growth.

The oil butters used in this product are natural and organic infused with more than 15 hairs strengthening and enhancing wild harvested botanicals. It is packaged in a tin that is 100 percent recyclable and fully bio degradable, re-usable, and cannot leach like plastic containers.

Honest Amish is hand made in the United States for an honest wage and comes in various sizes. Individuals with nut allergies should avoid this product or test a very small quantity before applying.

Things We Liked

  • Conditions the underneath skin
  • Relieves itching
  • Softens the beards
  • All organic and natural ingredients

Things We didn't Like

  • Leaves your beard a bit oily

6. Liberty Premium Grooming - Best Softening Balm

Beard palm by liberty grooming bring any form of itchy and wiry to an end. It helps to strengthen and soften your beards with its high quality natural ingredients. Your beards and skin will love this balm oil because of the 100 percent natural ingredients.

Some of these ingredients include Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Babassu Oil, bees wax, shea butter, Eucalyptus, and essential oils just to name a few. The product is expertly crafted in the United States of America.

Beard palm by liberty grooming has an amazing smell that brings back your roots in Mother Nature. The natural beeswax in this product gives it a light hold enabling you to style your beards with a lot of ease.

The formula is perfect for both yeard and growth of new beards. One thing you will love about this product is that it has no risk because of the natural ingredients.

The product is designed for all types of beards and practically helpful for those unruly, brittle, and dry hairs. You can apply this product on beards that are dump and clean.

Beard Balm by Liberty Grooming and Style Your Beard

Apply to your beards from the roots to the tips as you work it gently through the hair and ensure full coverage.

It’s recommended to apply immediately after showering and towel dumping your beards. Use the back part of your thumbnail to scratch out a small amount of this product.

You can then use a beard comb or your hands to style and complete application as you desire. Works as Leave-In Conditioner for Men to Groom, Soften, Shape & Style Your Beard, Whiskers, and Mustache

Things We Liked

  • All natural ingredients
  • Eliminates any form of itching
  • Has an amazing smell
  • Improves the quality of your beards

Things We didn't Like

  • Not suitable for people who don't like Eucalyptus smell

7. The Gentlemen's Beard - Premium Beard Balm

The Gentleman’s Premium Beard Balm makes your beard manageable and soft with no greasiness. This conditioner plays a critical role when it comes to smoothing out beards.

It gives your beards an excellent groom with no greasiness, stickiness or stiffness. You can apply this product if you wish to tame any stray whiskers.

The conditioner puts an end to wiriness and stiffness with a single use of this beard softener balm. You will have an easily styled and smooth beard within very few minutes.

The condition functions perfectly when it comes to stopping and dreaded beard itching.

The product has a deep hydrating effect to offers maximum protection to your skin. Itchy beards will become a thing of the past no matter how long you grow them.

You can also use this product to eliminate beard ruff or dandruff.

Premium Beard Balm and Tame Your Beard With No Greasiness

There is no need to stay with those annoying flakes of skin on your beards. The conditioner in this beard balm makes sure that you don’t get such trouble again.

Scrape a small amount of this product in to the hand and rub in between your fingers.

Work in to dump or wet beards from root to tip and repeat if necessary. The product is for external use only and you have to keep out of reach of children. The company offers 100 percent money back guarantee if this product does not meet your needs.

Some of the natural ingredients in this product include Fractioned Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Sunflower Seed Oil, Argan Seed Oil, Jojoba, Chamomile Flower Extract, Vitamin E and Fragrance.

Things We Liked

  • 100 percent natural ingredients
  • Greaseless
  • Softens the beards
  • Eliminates dandruff or beard ruff
  • Tames stray whiskers

Things We didn't Like

  • None

8. The Biker Scent - Beard Care Beard Balm

Beard Care Beard Balm is an excellent product that promotes the growth of hair and softens facial hair. It’s very good in curing beard ruff and itching that emanates from the growth of new beards.

The conditioner also tames fly away hairs and has all natural premier butters and oils. The product is scented with Peppermint, Sandalwood and Patchouli.

The formula is a perfect solution for hair and skin that feels dry. It has easily absorbable natural base oil and carefully blended premium essential oils to give your mustache or beards an unparalleled feel and look while improving growth.

The substance is easy to work with and leaves the mustache or beards healthy, soft and full.

It also repairs split ends and style the beards with a light-medium hold.

The conditioner will leave your beards looking manlier and healthier.

Beard Care Beard Balm has medium woodsy/earthly scent strength with a hint of peppermint.

 Beard Care Beard Balm  Keeps Beard and Mustache Full, Soft and Healthy

It is hand crafted with all natural and 100 percent organic-food grade ingredients that Keeps Beard and Mustache Full, Soft and Healthy, Reduce Itchy and Flaky Skin, Promote Healthy Growth

It will leave your face jacket looking fuller, feeling softer, and more manageable with a subtle masculine scent.

It is a refreshing product that you will definitely love.

Things We Liked

  • 100 percent natural ingredients
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Softens facial hair
  • Has a subtle masculine scent
  • Tames fly away hairs
  • Easy to work with
  • Doesn't contain harmful chemicals including sulphates, silicones, parabens as well as artificial colorants.

Things We didn't Like

  • Scent too overpowering

9. My Best Beard - Best Balm for soft facial hair firm Hold

You will love this product because it allows you to condition and style in one simple step. It is the perfect partner for all shapes and style.

You can use it as a Mustache Wax if you are looking for a flexible hold that is long lasting. The leave-in soy protein in this formula softens the facial hair making it easy to tame and soft to touch.

It is indeed the ultimate beard conditioner for the handsome man all day long.

The product is non-oily pomade with a matte finish and is perfect for a natural groomed beard style.

All these are natural ingredients that will not harm your beards or skin in any way.

The product comes at a cost friendly price given the high levels of service delivery it gives the user.

My Best Beard Balm Leave in Conditioner with Hold

Things We Liked

  • 100 percent natural ingredients
  • Ideal for all shapes and styles
  • Non-oily
  • Softens facial hair

Things We didn't Like

  • Hard and dry to apply it on the beard

10. Proraso - Best Beard Balm for early stage

Proraso Beard Balm is formulated to remove the discomfort associated with new beard growth within the first few weeks. proraso beard balm soothes skin irritation and itch under the beard. It also Softens and soothes beard hair when the beard grows thicker and fuller.

It has a subtly scent of eucalyptuses and bergamot. Proraso has a soothing formula that helps you overcome the early stages of hair growth.

You only need to apply a dime-sized amount of this product on your beards. It will assist you to enjoy the feel and look of your beards from the start.

It is dermatologist tested and specially formulated to condition the wiry and course hairs of your beards. This beard balm is Perfect for the early stages of beard growth.

The product has a very soothing glycerin base that is comforting to the skin and increases the moisture content of your beards hairs.

It softens them as they emerge and grow in length.

Menthol cool and Eucalyptus oil add freshness while bitter orange scent and cedar wood of bergamot add a sophisticated masculine scent.

Proraso is very safe to your skin given that it is made from all natural ingredients.

Proraso Beard Balm for new beard growth also soothes skin irritation and itch.

This beard balm is made with natural-based formulations without mineral oils or artificial colors.

The Nourishing botanical extracts and natural oils of proraso beard balm protects the skin under your beard from getting irritated and itchy. your beard feels soft, not dry, and protected without any annoying residue or film on your skin.

Things We Liked

  • Subtly masculine
  • ScentAll natural ingredients
  • Eliminates itching and soothes skin irritation
  • Offers maximum protection to the skin before and after shaving

Things We didn't Like

  • contains more alcohol content

Beard Balm Buyer’s Guide 2017

You need to consider several factors before buying any product.

The first thing to look at if you want to buy the best beard balm is the ingredients. The market has a broad range of beard balm that has both natural and chemical ingredients.

Most people prefer to apply products that have organic ingredients because they are not harmful to the skin. Products that have chemical components might be harmful to your skin.

Make sure you go through the list of ingredients to determine any cases of allergies. You don’t want to buy a product that has ingredients that your body will react against.

You could also go through the customer reviews to see what previous users have to say. Make sure you buy a product that will meet your needs.

You may be looking for a full beard, long beards, smoothing your beards, eliminating itching, and dandruff's among others.

Different products meet these needs with a varied level of efficiency. Make sure you get a product that will give you maximum value for your money.

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