10 Best Lace Wigs of 2017 – Ultimate Buying Guide and Reviews

Lace wigs have become more popular than ever now as these wigs are worn by celebrities to transform themselves into a new character in the movie. Also, they are known for their realistic look and allow for styling away from the face.

Due to this the lace wigs popularity is getting increased every. There are two types of lace wigs available i.e lace front wigs and full lace wigs. which one i should buy?

Lace Front Wigs Vs Full Lace Wigs

Front lace wigs are those Wigs that has the sheer lace located in the front part of the hair wig. In Front face wigs, the lace rests on your scalp or forehead. These lace front wigs are extremely well popular and ideal one for people as it appears just like you have a natural hair and not wearing any wig.

They add great realism to you appearance when you want to completely transform yourself into new look.​

Unlike front lace wigs, Here the lace is made available fully at the base of the wig. These laces are most comfortable one than the front lace wigs and it can be work in different styles. A full lace wig covers your entire head rather than the forehead which make it as costlier than lace front wigs.​

1. Eayon Hair Curly Full Lace Human Hair Wigs

Glueless 130% Density Brazilian Virgin Remy Wigs with Baby Hair For African American womens Natural Color 22Inch

This full lace wig product is made up of 100% virgin Remy human hair without a chemical mix. The hair color type is Natural black and also it can be modified by your own style such as curled, straightened even dye the hair and bleach too. The lace wig was 100% high quality because it is soft, no smell, free from tangle, no shedding, and healthy one.

The product comes with both full lace wig which is Swiss lace and in light brown color and lace front wig also Swiss lace and the color is medium brown.

It is Glueless cap lace front wig which feels comfort breathe to hair also with the help of combs and elastic bands you can style hair easily.The cap is available in a medium size which suits for most heads with the help of adjustable straps in caps it fits in your head. Before order the wig mention what you need whether small or medium size wig.

The full lace wig which is suitable for African Americans people who love curly human hair wigs with glue less.

The big advantage is with the help of cuticle layers intact and each of them facing the same direction in order that the hair won't tangle.

It is trusted brand in the USA no one has authorized to sell only Eayon has individually sold this item.

The usage and the maintenance of full lace wigs are routinely washed the hair and condition it and also beware of detangling using the simple trick with your own bare hands detangle it before going for wash and one more avoid slept with hair wig.

Try out different style by using fingers itself you can make curly hair style.Allow the hair to dry hair naturally don’t expose over the sunlight.

Eayon Hair Curly Full Lace Human Hair Wigs

To continue with good condition lace wigs for long period means don’t use hot curlers and irons over the hair wigs which will spoil the life span of hairs in a wig. Eayon hair curly wig is one of the best full lace human hair wigs

Things We Liked

  • No Bad smell
  • Tangle free
  • No shedding

Things We didn't Like

  • Even though product image does not so look like of product

2. Curly Human Hair Full Lace Wigs - Best human hair wigs

130% Density Brazilian Loose Deep Curly Wig for Black Women Natural Color 22 inch

The hair full lace wigs made of 100% virgin Remy human hair and it is available in 6 sizes with the measurement of inches they are 14”, 16”,18”, 20”, 22”, 24” and also available in two colors natural and 1B.

The dye can be applied over the natural color hair because which has little brown color but over 1B color hair dye can’t be applied because it is not jet black.All the lace wigs are checked by the quality control team to provide the best full lace wigs for the customers.

This full lace wig comes with 130% hair density thickness with the baby hair which is soft and also the tangle free. The lace is in medium brown color is in stock which can be bleached and curled and then the front wig with 3 sizes available.

The medium size that is 22.5 inches in stock most women head has comforts to fit whereas the small size 21.75” inches and large size 22.75” inches are to be customized and another thing are dark brown, light brown also to be customised.

Select or choose before your order which will suits perfect for your head.

The product which comes in a box so it is easy to wrap and present or give as a gift to others.One more important thing is this product which is risk-free purchase because it has 30 Day money back guarantee.

After picking this product this suits for the black woman who likes deep curly human hair wig.By wearing the wigs you can attend the party which will gives you natural look.

It gives you one hundred percent natural look and you can get enough confidence after wearing this.

Curly Human Hair Full Lace Wigs

It is also one of the trusted brand in USA and this items sold only by formal hair brand and none another to authorised.

Things We Liked

  • Tangle free
  • No hair Shedding
  • Soft and Healthy

Things We didn't Like

  • Cant get the softness in hair

3. Premier Wig Body Wave Silk Top Lace Front Wigs

Glueless Brazilian Remy Human Hair Natural Deep Body Wave Silk Base Lace Wigs with Baby Hair for Black Women (20 Inch natural color wig)

The premier lace front wigs is made of glueless Brazilian human natural hair and the base lace wigs with the baby hair. It comes in the size of 20 inches and the color of lace front wig is natural color.

By default the wig comes with 130% density of hair thickness which is enough for the majority of people.

if you need extra thickness of density hair have to pay additional cost. The premier wig body wave silk top lace wigs available in colors are 1#,1B#, 2# Natural and 4#.

The cap sizes are average which can be suits to the head using the adjustable traps which can fits to the head. Small and large size caps also available in stock.Hair wigs available length in the range from 8” to 24” inches.

This lace wig can be restyled and also the natural color can be dyed.The glueless premier body wave sil top lace front wigs suitable for black women who can wear it easy and comfortly with the help of combs and the adjustable straps.

Premier Wig Body Wave Silk Top Lace Front Wigs-Glueless

Things We Liked

  • Soft
  • Silky
  • Comfort to wear
  • Easy to style.
  • Gives natural look

Things We didn't Like

  • Hair density Little bit of thin

4. Chantiche Natural Looking Italian Yaki Lace Front Wigs 

Best Brazilian Remy Human Hair Wigs with Baby Hair for African Americans 130 Density 24 Inches

If you pick this product which is suitable for the African Americans and the chantiche lace front wigs which is made of Brazilian remy hair wigs with baby hair. It is truely the best lace wig for African Americans.

The wig hair volume density are 130 and the length of the hair size is 24 inches and the hair color is #1.

The colors available for the wig are jet black ,off black and natural brown. The chantiche lace wigs are trusted brand in America which is sold only by the chantiche lace.

The availability of hair length are between 12 to 24 inches are readily available in stock and the lace wig type is glueless Italian yaki lace front wig and the wig made of both the Brazilian hair and 100% remy human hair.

It is made of 100% Remy Brazilian human hair which is lightly bleached the knots of lace wigs to prevent the hair shedding problem in wig and also to avoid tangle.

The lace wig made of Remy Brazilian human hair and periphery area it is made of baby hair. The cap size available in stock are medium whereas small to be customize.

Already we have lace in the store the lace color is medium brown. This lace front wig product comes with 6A High quality and along with elastic bands and combs which helps to fits the wig better.

Chantiche Natural Looking Italian Yaki Lace Front Wigs

Things We Liked

  • Soft and smooth
  • No tangle
  • Knotted well
  • Looks Natural
  • Dried well
  • Blends easily

Things We didn't Like

  • Very little Shedding
  • Heavy
  • Slightly poofy

5. ZANA Brazilian Humar Hair Lace Front Wigs with Baby Hair

Best Body Wave Glueless Human Hair Wigs for Black Women Two Tone Ombre Color

The zana hair lace front wigs which is made of 100% human virgin hair and also with the baby hair which is glueless human hair wig and best Brazilian hair lace wig suited for black women.The colors of lace wig available are ombre #1 B, #33 #30 and the natural color hair only dyed.You can style the hair wig for differently such as wavy, straight, curly all by yourself.

By the product manufacturer they use the curling iron to style the wig to make wavy style.The hair length is 22” inches and the available hair length are 10” inches to 22” inches.

The zana lace front wigs hair material are Grade 7A quality with 100% Brazilian virgin Remy hair.

The wig which has hair density of 130% with the hair texture of wavy style.The hair wig can be restyled such as curled and straighten.

The glueless lace front cap which perfectly suits to the head and also the cap size comes in medium size cap are 22”-22.5” inches and the small cap size is 21”to 21.5” inches in circumference .

Cap comes with straps and comb with the help of strap you can made an adjustment to the size of cap. With help of massage comb you can take care of the hair.The lace color is medium brown.

ZANA Brazilian Hair Lace Front Wigs with Baby Hair Body Wave Glueless

Things We Liked

  • Soft and silky
  • No shedding
  • Holds curl
  • Smooth

Things We didn't Like

  • curls in picture slightly vary in product

6. Dreambeauty Human Hair Full Lace Wigs 100% Indian Remy Water Wave Natural Black 

The Dreambeauty human hair full lace wigs which is made of 100% virgin Brazilian remy Human hair and no synthetic hair is mixed.The glueless lace front wigs or full lace wig which comes with the hair texture of wave and then restyle hair texture opportunities available are straight ,body wave,natural wave, loose wave, deep wave, deep wave, kinky curly, kinky straight.

The dreambeauty human hair full lace wig which comes with hair density of 130% which is suits for most women the available hair density are 150% and 180% are available in our store.

The dreambeauty lace wig which comes with the hair length of 22” inches and the available hair length are 10” to 26” inches.

The hair color which is in Natural black and the available hair colors are #1jet black, #2 darkest brown, #4 chestnut brown are available in stock.

The glueless wig cap for the full lace and lace front wigs which has 4 pieces of combs and also adjustable strap which helps the wig to wear easily.The glueless cap which does not need tape or glue to wear the cap.

The lace material which is imported from the swiss and French the medium brown color is available in stock.

The hair wig are double knots and all the knots are bleaches lightly to get natural look.The baby hair which are all around the wig.

Dreambeauty Human Hair Full Lace Wigs

Lead Time : It took 3 days from the order placed.

Shipping : It takes 2 days to arrive so totally after 5 days get your wig.

Free gift : 1 piece Deluxe wig cap or 1 piece false Eyelashes.

Things We Liked

  • No shedding
  • No Tangling
  • Long Lasting
  • Soft
  • Looking Natural

Things We didn't Like

  • Comb make uncomfortable

7. Queen Plus Hair Dyeable and Silky Handmade Full lace frontal closure wig

Straight Weave 4 Bundles with Handmade Full Lace Frontal Closure 13x4" Free Part , Healthy Sexy Malaysian Virgin Human Hair

The queen plus full lace wig is made of 100% human hair which directly cut from the ladies who are young and then there is no synthetic hair or animal hair.

This full lace frontal closure hair wig which can be dyed and also bleached. But it is not chemical processed because we care for the customer health more and at the same time we do not compromise in quality.

The hair material are 100% unprocessed human hair with Grade 7A Malaysian virgin human hair.

The lace wig which is silky straight and quality then the hair texture is straight wavy which holds for long time. The hair wig which is in Natural color so you can dye it always. Hair weight of the queen plus wig comes of 95 grams – 105 grams/bundle.

The hair restyle can be curled and the Hair weave bundles are comes with the Grade 7A straight virgin hair. The hair which is suitable for all color dyes and the hair textures are Machine Double weft human hair and also the straight hair weft.

Queen Plus Hair Dyeable Silky Straight Weave 4 Bundles with Handmade Full Lace Frontal Closure

Delivery Time: within 24 hours we shipped after the order not on holidays and the arriving time are it tooks 3 to 5 working days by Fedex or DHL.

Things We Liked

  • No shedding
  • No tangling
  • No lice
  • No chemical processed
  • No synthetic hair
  • Silk and shiny

Things We didn't Like

  • Does not hold curl

8. Life Diaries 150% Density Natural Body Wave Silk Top Full Lace Wigs

8A Unprocessed Brazilian Virgin Human Hair Natural Hairline Bleached Knot Free Part(18", nature color)

The Life Diaries full lace wigs which is made of high quality 100% Brazilian virgin human hair with the Grade 8A and unprocessed. The unprocessed hair which means that it has no fiber, no synthetic and no chemical which will harm to the health. The hair length of this wig is 18” inches in length and the hair is in natural color. The baby hair which is around the wig which gives a natural look.

The Life Diaries company which has good experience in lace wig manufacture because they had 10 years of experience in the hair wig field. They send the wigs to other companies also and they have 10 more factories for producing lace wigs.

All the wigs which are made from the young and healthy girls who are donated to the Life Diaries factory for producing the hair wig.

The quality control who works over the knots what is that by hairline with single knot whereas double knots at other hair parts.

No other company gives this return policy like Life Diaries what is that? I you do not like the wigs you just return to them without any reason.

The available cap sizes are in small, medium and large size .But the default cap size is medium which is readily available. The Life Diaries lace wig hair density in 150% which is in default and if you want more high hair density contact them before placing order.

Life Diaries 150% Density Natural Body Wave Silk Top Full Lace Wigs

The lace color which is in medium brown already shows in image in stock if you want other color contact them. The full lace hair wig has 2 years of Lifetimes. The cap is in Average size so it should suits for major women head type.

Shipping Time period : using DHL, UPS and FedEx all the wigs are shipped and it took 2 to 5 days to reach you.

Things We Liked

  • No fiber and synthetic
  • Un processed human hair
  • Shedding free
  • No tangling
  • No bad smell
  • Soft and smooth

Things We didn't Like

  • Normal shedding

9. Mike & Mary Top 7A Brazilian Virgin Human Hair Full Lace Wigs for Black Women

The mike and mary full lace wigs which is for the black women who likes the handmade hair wigs. The hair material of lace wig is made of virgin human hair with the quality Grade 7A. The color of the full lace wig product which is in #1 jet Black in color. All the human hair wigs of mike and mary brand which is by hand tied.

The hair texture for this lace wig is body wave with the hair density of 120% and the wig cap size of this product is medium size of 22.25 and the full lace wig cap which can be stretch up to the crown level.

There are no straps and combs if you need you inform in previous or before place an order. Milk and Mary is one of the Registered and trusted brand who is selling high quality lace wigs they are not interested in low quality wigs.

The lace color is medium brown and it is strong Swiss lace. The knots of the wigs are not bleached if you need to bleach inform us before they will bleach the knots.

From this brand all the products are readily available so they can send your order hair wig items with high quality. mike and mary wigs and full lace wigs cap are comes without combs, clip and straps if you need inform them before order an item.

Mike & Mary Top 7A Brazilian Virgin Human Hair Full Lace Wigs for Black Women

Shipping time : It took 2 to 3 days by use of worldwide express or Fulfilled By Amazon they ship their items.

Things We Liked

  • No shedding
  • No Bad smell
  • Good quality

Things We didn't Like

  • Little tangling
  • No combs, clips and strap

10. Arison Hair 7A Full Lace Human Hair Blonde Wigs For White Women

Silky Straight Brazilian Human Hair Wig Platinum Blonde Color Lace Wig (20")

This full lace human hair blonde wigs which is perfectly suitable for white women. The hair material of the wig is made of 100% virgin human hair which is bouncy and gives natural look. The quality of the full lace human hair blonde wig which is 7A and the hair length is 20” inches.

The hair texture of this wig is straight and also the lace wig hair density is 130%.The full lace blonde hair wig color is platinum Blonde. The hair wig has no smell and free from tangle.

Arison hair full lace wigs hair length availability is 12” to 28” inches in length. This is a full lace wig type and the lace is light brown in color.The cap is medium size which fits for majority heads.

The cap comes with adjustable traps on back. The cap is constructed with full hand tied laced along with elastic bands and combs. The Swiss lace which is ultra thin and breathable and the baby hair around them. It is one of the best Full lace human hair wig for white woman with natural hair line no one find you wearing a wig which is silky and also reused.

Arison Hair 7A Full Lace Human Hair Blonde Wigs For White

Hair maintenance and prevent hair tangle

Wash your hair wig once in a week using shampoo and good conditioner. Afterwards allow the hair to dry and also wash your hair with care the direction applying the shampoo is in downwards.

Do not rub the hair because it will leads to hair breakage. After finishing the hair wash, completely rinse it in clean water.

Prevention and protection - wear the cap when you go for swim and also avoid the hair dryers and curling irons which produces high heat over the hair which is not good for the hair.

To avoid tangle in hair use the hair brush with soft bristle and gently remove the tangle.

How to make a lace wig look natural?

Additional Information on Lace Wigs

What is lace wigs?

According to Wikipedia, A lace wig is a special kind of hairpiece in which human or synthetic hair is tied to a lace base that goes over the scalp

What are the benefits of using a lace front wig?

The biggest worry of people who wear wigs is that people might notice that they are wearing a wig. This is the primary reason why people will hesitate to wear wigs. The lace front wigs completely eliminates the main worry of people who wear wigs its by appearing very natural as if they are not wearing any wig.

The front lace wig provides you the appearance of a natural scalp, so there is nothing stands as a border between hair and skin.

The lace front wigs offers a variety of much needed versatile styles without being exposed.

The durability of lace front wigs are extremely high thanks to the manufactures and the material

With front lace wigs, You can even comb/brush you hair in front to make it happen as you were combing you natural hair.

Things to consider when choosing the best lace wigs: Buying Guide 2017

Choosing the right lace wig is an important decision for anyone who wants to enjoy wearing the wig or to impress others with the new hair style and look

There are 3 main factors that should be considered when buying a Best Full lace or front lace wigs.

Hair Type - Synthetic Vs Human Hair wigs

It is not hard to decide on whether you need wigs made with synthetic or human hair.

Synthetic materials are cheaper when compared to human hair lace wigs but that doesn't mean it is of less quality. Synthetic material hair wigs are the best choice to go if you on a budget and look for low maintenance. They are the perfect choice of selection for people who want to wear it for longer period. Also, These synthetic material wigs comes with pre style and immune to weather condition.

Human hair wigs requires high maintenance. Human hair wigs often do not come styled and will have reaction to the weather/climate changes just like real hair. Most importantly like your real hair, it has to be taken care by constantly shampooing and conditioning it.

Human hair wigs are completely heat resistant or protectant, so you can get the hair curled or straightened whenever needed. Synthetic hair wigs are not heat resistant and cannot offer curling or straightening. Human hair wig is a great for those who loves to spend more time on their appearance and looking to change the hair style every day.

Style and Length

You have to decide on style and length of the wig, a short style or longer length lace wig?

Generally short style wigs are great for those live in hot areas, active and moving also. It is also a good choice for people is connected with outdoor actives as they keep the wigs cooler than the longer length wigs. Also, it is very easy to wear and get ready with short time.

Longer length wigs are suitable for people who stay indoors and time to fix their appearance. Longer styled wigs are perfect of curling, straightening and do whatever you want.

Durability or longevity

The longevity of your lace wigs is directly depends on the material that they are made of. Synthetic lace wigs can last up to a year if they are maintained properly. With proper care and effective maintenance synthetic wigs can lost more than a year


If you wig is not breathable, your head and scalp will become hot and you will not be able to wear those wigs for a longer period of time. Most of the lace wigs are breathable and heat is lost at the top of your head.


It depends on the material of wigs, if the lace wigs are made up of synthetic material then it is very easy to clean and maintain. However if you choose human hair wig then cleaning and maintaining should be similar to your own hair.

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