How to Blow Dry Natural hair

Blow drying the hair on regular helps you take care of natural hair from detangles, getting rid of knots and provides option to have different hairstyle. But also frequent or over blow drying causes heat damage to the natural hair.

How to blow dry natural hair

How to blow dry natural hair?

Natural Black hair, African American and similar naturally curly frizzy hair types are vulnerable to excessive cuticle damage from the blow-dryer. It may result in hair breakage, moisture loss, burned scalp, and heat damage.

By following the below simple steps, you will stretch your bends and curls without damaging your gentle hairs, so you can wear the healthy, natural hairstyle of your choice!

10 Effective tips for safe blow drying natural without suffering Heat damage

1. Use a microfiber towel to dry the natural hair so that the hair not excessively wet and doesn't get frizzed. Don't rub and scrunch your hair with the microfiber towel, just warp the towel over your head as it covers the full hair and it will soak up the excess water from your hair.

2. Before you blow dry the natural hair, make sure you wash your hair with good natural hair shampoo and deep condition hair. You must detangle your hair a good detangle brush to avoid the messy hair. Thorough detangling the hair with fingers and comb will ensure the smooth blow drying.

3. It is recommended to use a professional blow drying machine when blow drying natural hair. If you use a cheap blow dryers with comb attachments then they get hot quickly and do not cool fast enough. This will cause heat damage to natural hair.

4. Apply a heat protector before drying the hair to seal the hair for locking the moisture in it. Coconut oil or any hair oil can be an act as heat protector to seal the moisture and lock it with the hair.

5. Most modern hair dryer for natural hair has different heat setting, it is advised to use a low/moderate heat setting when you begin the blow drying. High heat setting will cause will evaporate all the moisture from hair and making it dry and cause heat damage.

6. While preparing your hair to blow dry, it is essential to create 3-4 sections, when the hair sectioned it will be easy to detangle and also will not catch with other hair filaments.

7. Always blow dry down the hair so that the air flow is in the same direction in which the cuticle layers lie. This will ensure the hair blow dried evenly without having to blow dry on the missed areas.

8. Always hold blow dryer with at least 10-15 cm from you hair when blow drying your hair, especially when drying on the root tips and root hairs. This is to protect the root tips and root hair from the heat damage. Don’t hold and show your hair directly before the hair dryer.

9. Once you finish blow drying a section, wet the other section by applying heat protect or oil. Because water molecules will evaporate when you blow dry the hair.

​10. Finally, finish the blow drying with a cold blast of air followed by protective hair care styling product. As a result of blow drying hot air opens up the hair cuticle layer and it needs to be sealed. Applying cold hair on the blow dried hair closes the sealing of hair with moisture locked in it. Also, it helps to boost the shine and reducing the hair from becoming frizz.

The above are the 10 easy steps to follow in taking care of your natural hair when blow drying it. Always use the natural hair care products to take care of natural hair rather than going after the fancy chemical loaded products which damages your hair.

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