How to Keep Your Hair Color from fading Out and last longer

Fashion trends are changing and "red" is the color of the month! Yes, you guessed it right, coloring of hair in streaks of violet or blazing red can be fun, creative, and can even make you look unusually attractive.

It is a known fact that with a little bit of care and a pinch of creativity, you can not only sport some of the gorgeous color-treated hair styles but also give them that vibrant and shiny look anf feel.

Of course, these fringe styling benefits do come with a handicap: your hair color can get washed out more often than not!

The question is how can you prevent your hair color from washing out?

Here some really neat tips that will let your Hair Color keep shining without fading away.

Tip#1: Stop washing your hair too often and use a dry shampoo

Life saving water is actually hair color’s worst enemy! You would probably ask: shampooing would need use of water, so how can we avoid water?

Here’s the deal, once you have shampooed as well as conditioned color treated hair, don't rinse your hair. In fact, the most effective in this case would be using a dry shampoo or color protecting shampoo!

Tip#2: Avoid exposure to Sun

Yes, Sun definitely is great for a tan and definitely provides your body with vitamin D but it’s not good for your hair color. If the need be, wear a hat as sunlight can lead to fading of hair color.

Tip#3: Moisturize your hair as often as you can

Moisturized hair can hold color for longer period and nothing works better than coconut oil for locking in the moisture. You can use a variety of herbal or natural hair products for adding moisture like Aloe Vera, Marshmallow root, Licorice root, and Parsley among others.

Tip#4: Conditioner after Shampooing color treated hair

Every time you shampoo your color treated hair, it should be followed by use of a good conditioner. You can choose from standard conditioners to herbal conditioners. They will not only help you retain hair color for prolonged period but also add moisture and make hair shiny and vibrant.

Tip#5: Choose the right type of hair color

It is very important to choose the right type of hair colors to dye your hair as it will determine the longevity of the color as well as shine. You can choose from the following:

Temporary color: This hair color will fade out in 2 washes.

Semi-permanent color: This hair color can last almost 12-15 washes.

Demi-permanent color: This contains low levels of peroxide can stretch to almost 20 washes.

Permanent color: This will not wash out although it can fade a shade lighter over a period of time.

Tip#6: Avoid heat or any heat related hair treatment

Whether it is a hot shower or you are planning to use curling iron, both are no-no for color treated hair. Heat can lead to fading of hair color quickly.

Tip#7: Get some glaze right at your home

A must for color treated hair; home based glaze treatment can easily stretch your hair color a few extra miles especially between touch-ups. There are different gloss products to choose from, which will not only protect hair color but also boost hair brightness and shine.

Tip#8: Re-dye in an even manner

Everyone needs a re-dyeing session once in a while but it is important to ensure, the re-dyeing is evenly spread and proper. This is where you need to ensure color is applied carefully to the roots only. Once done, right before you wash your hair, make sure, you massage the color right from the roots all the way to the end. This will ensure revival of color on the hair ends.

Tip#9: Double processing of color treated hair is not recommended

When it comes to hair, never go overboard especially with chemicals on your hair. When you are coloring, just avoid simultaneous relaxing or perming. As a rule, always be open to using low-ammonia or ammonia free hair color herbal formulas that will deep condition your hair while processing.

Tip#10: Avoid Chlorine

If you love taking a dip in the pool, don’t forget to cover your head well before taking the dive. Chlorine is notorious was damaging hair color especially the lighter tones. Alternatively, you can also add a protective leave-in conditioner to your hair.


These are some of the best ways to avoid hair color from fading away or washing off completely. Your hair is sensitive and hence, you need to take extra care of your hair as well. It is time to shine the nice and easy hair color and let your hair blow with the wind!

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