Tyme Iron Reviews: Does Tyme Curling and Flat iron works really?

Tyme Curling Iron and straightener  Review:

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What is Tyme Iron?

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Features and Highlights of Tyme

  • Heats to a consistent and steady 400 degrees, with a rotating swivel cord for ease of use
  • Can be used as straightener or curling iron
  • Made with Professional quality, gold-plated titanium plates for optimal results
  • Create a wide variety of styles and curls
  • Heats up in less than one minute
  • On/Off switch, but no auto shut-off
  • Includes the TYME Traveler Heat Sleeve, so you can take your TYME Iron on the go!
  • Create any style in minutes, from loose beachy waves to tight ringlet curls and anything in between!
  • Free one-on-one video chat session with one of our virtual stylists, so you can master your TYME!

Little History of Tyme Iron?

TYME Flat Iron was first introduced as a unique 2 in 1 product in the year 2014 to help women creating beautiful curls and beachy waves in short time. Also, providing a hair straightener facility in it. It was said that they have achieved it because of its design and gold-plated titanium plates that produces high negative ionic charge than ceramic plates and also more efficient in heat transfer to the hair.

How Tyme works?

Keep the iron vertically and hold the clasp keeping forward, then hold about 2 inches of your hair 1 -2 inches at the end.

Ensure to keep your hair and the iron far from your face. Hold it about 7-12 seconds, according to your hair style. Do the curl of the first place keeping your face away from the face.

It woks same way for all the hair types but if you’re having naturally thick hair then you may need to hold the iron for few more seconds.

How Tyme Works

Caution: Few users have informed they have burnt their hair for holding it for a longer period.

Tyme curling and flat Iron detailed review:

Sadly this flat iron device comes with no heat setting and warms up to 400 degrees. The manufacturer has detailed about why there is no heat setting feature in their FAQ section.

It Claims that most people don't know and how to use proper amount of heat. They found that 400 degrees of heat has been delivering the best results. But we have observed this Tyme iron heats up faster than the normal standard curling iron.

Tyme flat and curling iron

The beauty of this Tyme iron is one side is used as a hair straightener and the other side is used to curl your hair. It takes time and certain movement in getting used to achieve proper curls using this product.

There are bunch of videos available in YouTube that explains how to use this Tyme flat iron effectively. Few users have commented that even after watching the videos they were not able to get it to work as shown. The Tyme social media service and their customer service agents were quick to respond and offer their assistance for those who can't get it correctly.

There is a FAQ section that describes there is a learning involved in using this curling iron. “Once the technique of curling with this iron is mastered you will wonder how you ever lived without it!” Once you get hold of the wrist movement then you will find Tyme iron is more capable of creating variety of curls. The official Facebook page of type has also got more helpful vide which give more ideas and tips how effectively you can use this product.

Another missing feature in Tyme Iron is, it doesn’t come with an auto shutoff feature where most flat irons has this feature. It is explained as a way to benefit women who gets distracted by kids or clients, only to come back to find the iron is cold. The length of the cord is of ample that allows for a variety of motions without being pulled out of the wall.

What makes Tyme iron different?

Most importantly TYME Iron is designed well to use with its unique curling and flat iron feature. The 360 swivel cord of TYME makes a style for all hair types in minutes. TYME iron fulfills your need from curling to styling.

Frequently asked questions

Is Tyme Flat iron durable?

Is it simple to use?

Is this suitable for thin and thick hair type?

How easy to clean the Tyme?

Similar/Alternate products like Tyme

After using this Tyme flat iron few readers have suggested to provide few similar and alternate product that you can curl your hair with an inexpensive straightener in a similar fashion as that of Tyme Iron. Below are the alternate products that functions similar to Tyme iron.

Final Verdict: Should you use Tyme?

People would love to explore new curling and flat irons when it comes to style the hair.

If you decide to explore unique 2 in 1 straightener cum curling wand then tyme flat iron is for you.

Though it seems to be expensive at in terms of cost but with detailed videos and customer service you can be able to master the curling by yourself.

Tyme Iron Reviews
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